Take a needle full of cyanide, And plunge it in a vein, You’d gasp in horror at the thought, Yet do it do your brain.

The Explorer

The virgin forest stands on fertile earth, Calling men forth to claim their prize, Ignoring their shouts, he laughs at their fears, He knows what he sees with his eyes.

The earth is flat, the crowd cries out in glee, You’re doomed from the day you sail, You’ll sail for days until you reach the […]


Ein Reich, ein Volk und ein Fuhrer, Crusade of the Aryan race. The glory of the Fatherland, Elevating murder to grace.

One world, one people and one God, Teutonic Knights in high-tech dress, Modern means for primitive words, Which they hope their God will bless.

Slaughterhouse Five and Tom Sawyer Abolished to protect our youth, […]


On foot and equine, over hill and dale, Plodding and toiling through the centuries, The Dark Ages to the Enlightenment, Enslavement gives way to man’s liberties.

Fuelled by desire, propelled by the mind, A continuous ribbon of cement, Freedom and reason and justice and truth, Not the dictates of God or Government.

A metallic eagle […]


With the pen and flute and brush, A new world’s given form, The Spirit of the artist, Reality transformed.

Selective recreation, A view of the ideal, A human god–the artist, The perfect world made real.


The lovers meet in silent secrecy, Passionately consumating their love, On the path walked by Aphrodite, Their bodies one- a hand inside a glove. Their eyes sparkle with pride and admiration, As a renewed passion grows within them, Coupling celebrates their admiration, As they say to the other, Je vous aime.

Love- embodiment of amour […]


One path to the future, Another to the past, One path for the leader, Another for the last.

One path to the answer, Another leads to fear, One path to the distance, Another to what’s near.

One path sends us soaring, Another to the farm, One path to the hearth, Another leads to harm.

One […]

The Key

Every heart has a door, Which guards its lonely tale, The lock a hidden secret, The key is not for sale.

The door will open freely, To those who hold the key, Its sturdy structure shudders, At the touch of those who see.

The sentry stands alone, Waiting for the time, When the words will […]