Roscoe and Sal

“Damn,” said Roscoe as he kicked the tractor tire. “The thinga-ma-jig musta got clogged.” He pulled a tin of chewing tobacco from his back pocket and pushed a wad into his mouth. He removed his cap and scratched his head, staring at the machine slowly moving across the field toward him.

Working the tobacco with […]

Running Scared

Christ, muttered Clive Holland as he pulled at his shirt sleeve, I must have left my watch at the hotel. Damn, it got dark quick.

Clive noticed the flash of light before he saw the two youths approaching him. “Hey mister,” one said. Both wore black leather jackets, blending into the darkness which had enveloped […]

The Fear Within

Timmy hid behind the shrubs, staring at the door only twenty yards away. He swallowed hard, asking himself again why he was here. The answer was the same as before– an answer he tried to push from his mind.

“Look,” he softly said, trying to reassure himself, “this is no big deal. There are no […]

The Dream House

Harold Roberts was not considered an intelligent man. Nor was he considered a large man. However, for six years, he had been the best lumberjack in Oregon.

Few men could handle the grueling work of the lumberjack. By the end of each day, every muscle in Harold’s body would ache. Often he skipped dinner, too […]


Allan Carmichael started across the street, unaware of the red Corvette roaring toward him. Suddenly, the driver of the car violently applied the brakes. The auto screeched to a halt as Allan jumped out of its path.

“Watch where you’re walking nigger,” the car’s driver shouted.

Allan indignantly stared at the driver. “Perhaps you should […]

Blue Cheese

“That was a fine meal dear,” said Samuel Tucker as he patted his rotund belly.

“We have a small piece of blue cheese,” his wife said, setting a plate on the table. “Benjamin Campbell said he would have more tomorrow, so you should finish this off.”

Samuel Tucker smiled. “Most certainly. Benjamin Campbell makes the […]