The Innovator Versus the Collective

My latest book, The Innovator Versus the Collective, is now available in paperback and Kindle. The Introduction to the book is posted below.

At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain, many textile workers rebelled against the labor-saving machines being introduced. The Luddites—as they were called—believed that this new technology would mean the […]

The Free Market and Innovation

Throughout history, innovators have been criticized and mocked by their contemporaries. They have been accused of insanity and fraud. They have been scorned and ostracized. But when they have been free, they have been able to demonstrate the truth of their vision. When they have been free, they have been able to prove their critics […]

The Internet versus the Internet

We are often told that private companies won’t invest money into certain technologies, such as “green” energy, because it isn’t economically feasible. Government, the argument goes, must “invest” money for the research that will allow these technologies to become profitable. And as evidence, the advocates of subsidies to “green” energy companies point to the Internet.


The Regulator Versus the Innovator

The regulator and the innovator are two very different people. The regulator enforces standards. The innovator questions standards. The regulator protects the status quo. The innovator challenges the status quo. The regulator erects barriers to innovation and progress. The innovator is the source of innovation and progress.

Regulation is about seeking permission. It is about […]