The Tragedy is “the Commons”

Since Roman times, it has been held that certain resources, such as air and water, could not and should not be privately owned, but instead held “in common.” Today, “the commons” movement seeks to destroy private property rights by equating air and water with such man-made values as the Internet and the electrical grid. This […]

The Practicality of Private Waterways

The following article was published in the Spring 2010 issue of The Objective Standard.

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For centuries, few have questioned the idea that waterways—streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans—are or should be “public property.” The doctrine of “public trust,” with roots in both Roman and English common law, holds that these resources […]

Private Cities

This article was published in the March 1989 issue of The Freeman.

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In recent years, the benefits of the free market have been demonstrated as governments around the world have turned to the private sector to provide services more efficiently. However, critics of the free market argue that these benefits […]

“Smart” Roads versus Private Roads

This was originally posted on Live Oaks on November 9, 2009. Comments have not been migrated.

IBM, along with the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, is offering a $50,000 prize for the best idea that will “produce smarter infrastructure.” (HT: Write On Metro) According to the New York Times:

In the United States, highway problems […]